Splitting Numbers Lite

Splitting Numbers is the number one app to teach your child the fundamentals of mathematics.'To split teaches kids the essence of figures and is taught to all children in the first grade. It is one of the keystones to gain mathematical insight. That is why this is taught to first-grades all year through!At last! Now there is 'Splitting Numbers: the app that teaches your kid the basics of splitting numbers in a fun and self-dependent way.No more sorting out the wrinkled paper cards! This app presents you digital flash cards in an intelligent way, completely scalable to the abilities of your 6 year old.Possibilities offered by this App : choose what numbers you want to work with (from 0 to 6). The full version of the App allows to split from 0 to 10. All other features are identical in the LITE version, so you can test the App completely before you buy. Search the App Store for the full version 'Splitting Numbers', and support us in our further development. you can create practice sessions of 10, 25, 50, 100 or 200 exercises when your kid has more difficulties with a certain number, you can easily adjust the settings so the app will present more exercises with this specific number. This way you child will get better at it very soon! a thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon and an accompanying sound tells your child wether the exercise was correct or not you can easily switch the sound on or offWhy Splitting Numbers?Splitting numbers is the most used method to teach children the connections between certain figures.First of all, splitting numbers brings insight to the so called 'commutative characteristic of the sum of numbers. This characteristic holds that the order of the numbers in a sum are not important: 3 + 5 equals 5 + 3.On the other side - splitting numbers shows the connection between sums and subtractions. You may bring two parts together to form a whole (sums), but you may also remove a part from the whole (subtractions). When you understand that you can split 8 into 5 + 3, you have the solutions to 4 different exercises: 3 + 5, 5 + 3, 8 - 5 and 8 - 3. By learning and understanding how to split numbers - your kid has to learn 4 times less facts.It is important that splitting numbers becomes a habit, an automation. You must know them by heart, without thinking.Why automation?To automate in mathematics means that you know the solution to an exercise by heart. You know the solution of an exercise by heart if you can say or write down the solution without thinking, counting,With all kinds of mathematics there is attention for automation. To know certain exercises by heart makes it a lot easier to connect the dots in other mathematic exercises.
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