Puzzle for Toddlers and kids Free - a fun and exciting sound and puzzle game for kids 2 - 5 years

Welcome to the puzzle world of fun!With our newest puzzle for toddlers, your kids will learn about shapes, colors, music, places and more!We all know that puzzles for toddlers and kids are not only fun to play with but also are an important learning tool to aid child development. Even if a child is simply reworking the same puzzle over and over again, puzzles are a constant source of mental stimulation for children of all ages.Playing with puzzles bring multiple benefits to a childs development:Develop vocabularyIncrease small muscle developmentDevelop eye hand coordinationImprove memory skillsIncrease problem solving skillsBuild spatial perceptionBuild literacy skillsAs kids relish at every completed puzzle, they may feel the desire to paint or draw similar pictures which opens the door to your kids creativity. Allowing toddlers to play using puzzles at early stages of their lives will greatly contribute in their education and assist them develop important life skills. Puzzle for Toddlers and Kids will do just that! Your child will have lots of fun in the wild wild west, or as a pirate searching for treasures. Hiding from dinosaurs will be so much fun as well as running from mummies or rescuing a damsel in distress! Your childs imagination will explore many amazing places and possibilities while playing with this puzzle game.Puzzle 1 is filled with fun things found in a park or playground with cute furry animals.Puzzle 2 is all about sports kids would love to play with their friends.Puzzle 3 is for that little musician in the heart. This puzzle is filled with lots of musical instruments like guitars, piano, harp and more.Puzzle 4 will bring your child to Egypt! Imagine facing mummies, scorpions and snakes, and exploring the pyramids. In puzzle 5, your child will travel back in time to the ancient world of knights, horses, castles and a princess!Puzzle 6 is all about dirt roads, huge tires, cars and a big race.With puzzle 7, your child will know how to chill and have a cool, down time with roller shoes, skateboards, and more.Puzzle 8 is filled with toys your little tot loves to play inside the house. Boats, helicopter, truck, drums and even a bear!Puzzle 9 will take your child to the pirates world! Complete with pirate ship, boat, pirates sword, treasure box and the pirate himself!Puzzle 10 is full of dinosaur adventures! Raging volcano, flying creatures, T-Rex, dino egg and more.Puzzle 11 is a tasty array of yummy fruits your child would love to snack on.Finally, puzzle 12 is a night out under the starry, starry skies of the wild west! Sneaky snakes, bonfires, arrows and tepee, and one sleepy moon is all part of the game.DEVICEThis game is available in all screen resolutions and devices, smartphones and tablets!FEATURES* High quality puzzle game for toddlers and preschool kids* Solve puzzles and have a lot of fun! * 12 different fun and educational puzzles* Suitable for toddlers, kindergarteners, preschoolers, as well as for the older kids!* Fun and toddler friendly puzzles* Easy to use and control* Drag and drop piece by piece into the marked area* Is available in 22 languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Swedish!*This game is suitable for all kids, boys and girls, ages 2 to 5 year olds* Train memory* Improve pronunciation* Educational games and apps for preschoolersThis is a must have app! A lot of educational puzzles for toddlers and young kids to love!!!Have fun!This game is brought to you by Weedoo, a creative gaming company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our goal is to create games for toddlers that are both entertaining and develop learning skills for kids. Our game apps are designed especially for toddlers and preschoolers, with brightly-colored effects that will keep them delighted.Please visit www.weedoo.se for more kids games.
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License Free
File Size 25.78 MB
Version 1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.