Comprehension Builder - English Language Learning and Speech Therapy App

5 Star review from AppyMallThe reviewers said if they could give it a 10 out of 5 they would have :)Comprehension Builder is a unique educational app that teaches construction of simple sentences in color-coded parts, with subject, verb, object and preposition components while asking Wh questions (Who? What? Where?) to build comprehension. This bottom-up approach is presented in five different sections of sentences types, from simple to complex sentence forms, all presented in present tense. Three levels are also included:Level 1 color-coded sentence parts with color-coded matching areas to drag sentence parts in making sentences.Level 2 - color-coded sentence parts without the color-coding to match for sentence building.Level 3 Each word is presented separately, without color-coding, for the highest level of difficulty in constructing a sentence.This application is appropriate for multiple populations, from children to adults, regular education and special education, with disorders such as autism as well. Parents, educators, and speech pathologists will love the simplicity and teaching tools within this app, while users will enjoy the picture content and reward screen after number of correct responses.For regular education learning, young children are beginning to form simple sentences and to learn how words in a sentence need to be organized. For special education, basic language skills are very difficult and must be taught in a structured way. Interpretation of questions is an area of difficulty that is addressed in this app, explicitly teaching the components of Who? What doing? What? and Where?FEATURES:- Simple and user-friendly interface to select responses to questions and structure grammatically correct sentences.- Hundreds of pictures to enhance comprehension- Functional vocabulary- Receptive and expressive tasks- Grammar and syntax- Present Progressive Verb Tense- Punctuation- Articulation at sentence level - Recording feature for self-monitoring- A hierarchy of sentence structures from simple to complex- Three levels of sentence-building for a scaffolding approach to teaching- Support for unlimited user accounts- The app generates a detailed progress report for each student- Archive recorded sentences for each student- Capability to email the recorded sentence(s) from the app- Users can add their own sentences, questions, images, and voices to the app- All the self created content will be auto sync with your other iPad devices- All sentences and content developed by certified Speech Language PathologistOTHER GREAT FEATURES:No advertisements or in-app purchasesAudio reinforcement and reward screenSettings that allow changes to be made for individual users.
Price USD7.99
License Purchase
File Size 50.58 MB
Version 1.02
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.