Learn Spanish with Stagecraft Pro

Enter a magic stage where Spanish comes to life and solve puzzles to unravel the mysteries of a new language. Spanish Stagecraft is a perfect way to learn to read and understand spoken Spanish for students, kids, and adults.Spanish Stagecraft has three modes. In the first you play to explore how words, images, sounds, and grammar all fit together. The second is a reading comprehension challenge in which you are on the clock and docked for incorrect attempts at solving the puzzle. The final is a listening challenge in which you have to solve each puzzle by listening to the target sentence only.Features* 12 sets of 16 language exploration puzzles* 24 challenges, 1 listening and 1 reading comprehension for each set of 16 puzzlesThe game has no in-app purchases and includes 200+ Spanish words and dozens of different contexts for each word as you play.Awarded the Editor's Choice Award - Children's Technology ReviewOur MethodologyResearch shows that tying visual representations to what we read and hear results in deeper comprehension. Stagecraft moves beyond simply tying vocabulary to pictures and enables you to fully immerse in your target language through the broader context of each puzzle. When you move objects in game play, you can immediately read and hear how those changes are reflected in your target language. For instance, if you put a cat on a table, our game will tell you (in Spanish) "the cat is on the table," and if you move her to the side of the table, the description will update to "the cat is next to the table." Learning foreign languages through immersion allows you to internalize words by experiencing the way that words fit together and how words are used to describe the world.Your progression through the game was designed to introduce you to a variety of contexts for each word. This is done in a systematic way that ensures progression and learning without you being able to guess what comes next. Additionally, by staging scenes at various intervals, previously learned words are reinforced. Stagecraft is best suited for beginning learners or intermediate learners looking for an engaging way to review Spanish. You will quickly find that you can read and understand complex Spanish sentences and are having fun in the process.Connect with us for updates and more Spanish learning:* https://www.facebook.com/playmationspanish* https://twitter.com/playmationgames* http://playmationstudios.com
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Version 1.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.