Middle School - Maths : 8th Grade

* Right Choice for CCSS & K-12 Maths : 8th Grade* All the 33 Topics for 8th Grade Maths*Over 1650 Questions*Over 45 Pages of Lessons"Middle School - Maths : 8th Grade" is a complete resource for 8th Grade Maths. It covers all the 33 Topics.With 50 Questions per topic it makes sure that the student gets thoroughly prepared for the exams.Searching for the best resource for Middle School studies?Golden Academy presents "Middle School, a series of fully featured education apps for all the Middle School subjects, created by a group of professional teaching experts from USA and Europe with more than 30 years of experience.Learn maths topic by topic and test your understanding in a Topic Quiz.Once you have mastered all topics, take the Final Exam to test your proficiency in 8th Grade Maths. The Topics are:1. Rational and Irrational numbers2. Approximation of Irrational numbers3. Exponents4. Radicals5. Scientific notation6. Operations with Scientific notation7. Slope of Line8. Equation of Line9. Linear Equation10. Solving linear equations11. Graphical Solution for linear equations12. Solving system of linear equations algebraically13. Applying system of linear equations14. Input and output values of the function15. Comparing properties of two functions16. Defining a linear function17. Initial value and rate of linear function18. Drawing and analyzing a graph19. Transformation of lines and segments20. Transformation of angles21. Transformation of parallel lines22. Congruence23. Transformations in the coordinate plane24. Similarity25. Angle sum of a triangle26. Pythagorean Theorem27. Application of Pythagorean Theorem28. Distance between two points29. Volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres30. Interpreting scatter plots31. Line of best fit32. Equation of linear model33. Relative frequenciesBonus Features: DETAILED TEST RESULTS: Question by question analysis of test results. Keep track of exactly how many times you tried each question and how many times you got it right. Time spent in answering each question. Whether you used the hint feature in solving the question. Store complete history of all the test attempts. PROGRESS GRAPH: Measure your progress in each topic through a slick graph The app records your progress as you start giving practice tests. It shows your progress in an informative graph so that you can track your weak areas and focus on them. VERY EASY TO USE: The slick user interface allows you to choose from possible answers. You don't need to press too many buttons or encounter any alert messages. The app is very interactive and needs minimum user input. Innovative use of iPhone's small screen real estate.
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