MathCubes 3D - learning, practicing, playing!A calculation fun for BIG and SMALL, for YOUNG and OLD, for ADULTS and CHILDREN !As a Math beginner in various units you can practice simple arithmetic tasks in various steps. As a Math professional you try on mental arithmetic or mathematical brain teasers!Special feature: The CHALLENGE MODE !----------------------------------Each unit offers its own challenge mode. This means that you can collect points and break records in a prescribed time, and compare and share these with others in a leaderboard!These are the units:Magic Cubes :------------ FIND THE RIGHT FORM !Here you have to find the right form for the gap.- COUNT THE CUBES !Here have to count how many small cubes are missing in the big cube.Magic Squares :------------The Magic Squares are a small mathematical highlight! The numbers from 1 to 9 ( 3x3), or from 1 to 16 ( 4x4 ) are arranged in a square so that they always have the same result in the row in the column and in the diagonal !In this version you have NOT to built a square from the ground up, you have to replace wrong numbers ! That trains both the overview and the simple arithmetic !So funky for young and old! :-)Magic Pyramids :-------------Calculate at different levels from the bottom up until you reach the top of the pyramid. From EASY to HARD, with plus and minus !Grades 1 and 2:------------------- Plus / Minus 10 --> Tasks in a range of numbers up to 10- Plus / Minus 20 --> Tasks in a range of numbers up to 20- Plus / Minus 100 --> Tasks in a range of numbers up to 100- Multiplying and dividing up to 100 - Plus and minus with Dominoe stones Each unit can be trained and played in five variations!Grades 3 and 4:------------------- Plus / Minus 1000 and 10000 --> Tasks in a range of numbers up to 10,000- Plus / Minus 100000-1 million --> Tasks in a range of numbers up to 1 million- Written adding and subtracting miit 2 and 3 numbers- Multiplying and dividing to 1000Each unit can be trained and played in five variations!
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