Who am I? Discover Wildlife

Who am I? Discover Wildlife: A wonderfully designed app that will encourage the little users' fantasy. This quiz introduces animals in a new way and gives inspiring creative input.See animals differently: Surprising cutouts, special features, tracks or characteristic fur patterns that will be combined in a fun or clever way.In over 150 tasks the individual characteristics of the animals can be learned and taught to children in a playful way.The navigation is intuitive and picked up easily. For this app the ability to read is not required - the tasks and animal names are read out loud by a child.Nevertheless, the animal illustations and common names encourage children to read out loud themselves.Due to the way each task is presented, the children can use the app in their own pace.Of course it is also fun to use the app with multiple friends and to consider together the right answer to the animal in question.In this quiz there is no time limit and no loss - a sense of achievement will be attained quickly and simultaneously concentration will be encouraged.One round contains ten individual tasks that are put together from random choices.There are five different types of tasks:look who is running?Children learn to recognize the tracks and assign them to a specific animal.Guess who is hiding?Recognize the animal by their eyes and a striking feature - abstract thinking and imagination is encouraged and supported.Who could that be?Unusual cut-outs of animals and funny shapes are featured in this task.Which animal is it?There are five individual features of an animal to be looked out for. By exclusion and combination the child will find the solution.Which pattern goes with the animal?Not so easy ... Is a leopard striped or dotted? The children can drag each pattern to the animal and see how the animal looks with the selceted color of a fur coat.Each animal that has been found appears in color in an individual album "Your Wildlife".By tapping the animal name information is displayed for each of it.The child learns where the animal lives and what sound it makes.In addition, the children can also record how they think the animals sound.------------------------------------- VISIT US : urbn-pockets.com FOLLOW US : fb.com/urbn.pockets CONTACT US : info@urbn-pockets.com -------------------------------------Other creations by urbn; pockets : - This is my Body Anatomy for Kids (iTunes Best of Education 2012) - Count 'n' Grow smart arithmetic
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Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPod Touch (3rd generation or later, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad. iTunes account required.