Shiny Circus

The Shiny Circus is in town and Charlie, Alice and Ralph are off to the show! Charlie helps the clowns prepare for their performance and then finds himself in the spotlight. Hes going to need your help to make it through this one! Shiny Circus is a learning tool for 4 6 year olds, introducing a range of mathematical concepts in a fun and engaging way. Children will explore measurement by making comparisons of length and width, area, distance, and mass, and learn the everyday language we use to describe these concepts.Including four games and a read-along storybook packed full of interactive features, children can learn and play with Charlie and his new circus friendsEDUCATION CONTENT:Shiny Circus helps children identify and explore measurement attributes and their relationships.Children will:- Directly compare the measurable attributes of objects, including length, height, width and quantity.- Discover distance projections, velocity and trajectory.- Practice seriation and ordering objects by size.- Experiment with mass and balance, including using parts and wholes.- Explore the everyday mathematical vocabulary used to describe the measurable attributes of objects.Learning is scaffolded to help children progress through the games, with gentle in-game prompting to assist children who need guidance.Shiny Circus also assists with the development of:- Fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, as children manipulate length, control direction, and select on-screen objects.- Creativity and imagination through free-play elements.- Problem-solving skills, as children are allowed to experiment and solve problems through trial and error.- Literacy skills and whole-word recognition, with text highlighting as the story is read aloud, key sight-words and press-and-recognise text.FOR PARENTS:While developed to allow your child to play unassisted, Shiny Kids apps are best discovered through co-play. Play along with your child to talk through problem-solving and reinforce learning. The parents section of the app offers multiple suggestions for playing the app together.While a standalone app, Shiny Circus can be incorporated with other Shiny Kids storybooks and digital eBooks to gently introduce engaging learning to your child.ABOUT SHINY THINGS:Shiny Circus is a digital publication from Shiny Things Developers. Its the third interactive storybook in the Shiny Kids collection of educational apps and eBooks designed for children 2 - 6 years.Privacy is important to us. Outside of the childproof parental section, our apps: - Do not have in-app purchases or ads. - Do not collect personal information. - Do not integrate with social networks. - Do not use analytics or other data collection tools.To learn more please read our privacy policy at:
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Version 1.0.2
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.