DC Motor Simulator Version 1.0 LT

This tool allows examining fundamental characteristics, performing analysis both in steady-state and in transient-state conditions, of a DC separately excited motor. In particular to perform the transient analysis, a complex Runge Kutta solver has been implemented. The numerical solver is based on ad hoc implemented Runge Kutta method, that in this case it solves a 2nd order differential equation system: the first equation is related to the armature winding, and the second one represents the mechanical equilibrium: dAlembert equation. The application consists in three tabs: Data management, Steady state and Transient analysis respectively.In the first tab is possible to store all the requested data of a desired DC motor to analyze.In LT version of the simulator is possible to store the data only of one DC motor. In the case that a DC motor data set is unavailable is possible only to press the Demo button and a default stored DC motor data set appears.The second tab is useful to perform a steady state analysis of the stored DC motor. In particular are shown the Motor Shaft speed [rad/s] and the Armature current [A] in function of the Electromagnetic torque. The electrical and/or mechanical quantities are plotted, by touching the screen it is also possible to see the values of the graphed quantities.At least the third tab is useful to perform the transient analysis. In particular are analyzed the transient of the Armature current, the Electromagnetic torque and Motor Shaft speed in function of the time. Also in this case the electrical and/or mechanical quantities are plotted, in particular during the transient analysis it is also possible to change the load torque applied to the motor shaft.
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License Free
File Size 3.12 MB
Version 1.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.