The Shiny Bakery is open! Alice the Zebra loves to bake but she needs help mixing, measuring, decorating, then serving the cakes and cookies to customers. Shiny Bakery is a learning tool for 2 5 year olds, which introduces early number sense through counting, measuring, dividing, and sequencing activities. In this latest app from Shiny Things, children will develop understanding of mathematical fundamentals such as number, cause and effect, matching, and division. EDUCATION CONTENT: - Math: Your child learns to count as they add one two three eggs to the mix.- Following Recipes: Using steps provided by pictures, your child will develop the understanding involved with following a recipe.- Cause and effect: What happens when you put the wrong ingredients into your cake? Why is a customer sad when the cookies werent shared equally?- Sharing & Dividing: The customers have arrived! How can you divide the cake into equal portions, or share the cookies out to keep everyone happy?- Reading Emotions: Explore the emotions of customers as they leave satisfied, or perhaps upset, with the distribution. Share proportionally and they are sure to be delighted with the delicious treats made for them.- Problem solving: Made a mistake? No need to panic! Stop and think about what happened, and try again. Shiny Bakery also assists in the development of: - Fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination, as your child grabs, cracks, sifts, mixes and decorates on-screen items.- Creativity and imagination: With a blank canvas your child is free to decorate using in-game icing, sprinkles, and assorted decorations.- Open-mindedness: Its OK to make a mess. While fun, baking isnt always clean. Messes happen and thats fine; just make sure you clean it up!FOR PARENTS:While developed to allow your child to play unassisted, Shiny Kids apps are best discovered with co-play. Play along with your child to talk through the in-game experiences involved with reading emotions, problem solving and sharing.ABOUT SHINY THINGS:Shiny Bakery is a digital publication from Shiny Things. Its the sixth story in the Shiny Kids collection of educational interactive apps and eBooks designed for children 3-6 years.Privacy is important to us. Outside of the childproof parental section, our apps: - Do not have in-app purchases or ads. - Do not collect personal information. - Do not integrate with social networks. - Do not use analytics or other data collection tools.To learn more please read our privacy policy at:
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System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.