Charge in a Magnetic Field - Learn Physics the Easiest Way

Explore the science behind the motion of a charge in a magnetic field, characterized by change in its direction. With this app in your hand, you trace the interesting journey of a charged particle in a uniform magnetic field. Observe that when projected with some velocity, a constant force acts upon it at every point of its trajectory. The influence of this force sends the charge into a circular motion within the magnetic field. Remember that the force merely changes the direction of its velocity and not its magnitude. The easy to understand app also helps you explore the factors upon which the magnitude of the force depends. Learn to distinguish between conditions when the force is maximum or minimum. Besides, know the expression for the radius of the path described by the charged particle.This app comes with various additional features for enhanced learning. Along with readable text, the app comprises an intuitive video which presents the concept in a clear and concise manner. Amazing images, informative key-terms and additional links further enriches the content. Also, with the quiz provided at the end, one can evaluate his learning. In Designmate, we help you explore the complexities in science that lie behind apparently simple facts. Designmate offers an insightful and captivating way to understand the concepts in physics.
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