Geometry: Constructions Tutor

With Geometry: Constructions Tutor learn to make constructions with compass, pencil and straightedge. Learn constructions by watching animated demonstrations. Switch to the practice mode and make a construction yourself to test your knowledge and understanding. The application will check the construction when youre done and tell you if youre correct. Let the program confirm your constructions and build your confidence!Smart objects snapping, automatic detection of objects intersections, a unique single touch compass, pinch-to-zoom, and an above-the-finger magnifying glass will make even a complex construction feel easy. Theres no need to use clumsy real world geometric tools and waste one sheet of paper after another to get a perfect result. Make all constructions with just one finger. Every action can be undone and you can restart at any moment. There is no need to aim. Smart snapping will do the job for you. Focus on learning and test your real knowledge, not your motor skills!Watch demos of constructions and practice making:- Lines: copy of a segment, perpendicular bisector, division of a segment into equal parts, perpendicular line through a point on a line, perpendicular line through an external point, parallel line through a point.- Angles: copy of an angle, angle bisector, 30, 45, 60, and 90 degree angles.- Triangles: triangle given three sides, triangle given one side and two adjacent angles, triangle given two sides and included angle, copy of a triangle, equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle, 30-60-90 triangle, median lines.- Triangles & Circles: incenter, circumcenter, incircle, circumcircle.- Circles: center of a circle, tangent lines through an external point, tangent line through a point on a circle, circle through any given three points, foci of an ellipse.- Polygons: hexagon given one side, hexagon inscribed into a circle, pentagon inscribed into a circle.
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