Molecular Geometry 2

If you are looking for a game, Molecular Geometry is not for you!!!If you are looking for an app that solves your HW, Molecular Geometry is not for you!!!!Are you one of people who have no clue about molecular structure?Are you aiming to understand how molecules are drawn and how their shapes are predicted?Are you looking for a serious app with no unnecessary information?Molecular Geometry is for you....It is not a game... it is not for fun... it is meant to teach you how to draw Lewis structures, know the VSEPR theory, predict the bond angles, name the geometry of the shape and gives you an introduction to resonance.Molecular Geometry was developed as a "help app" that guides you to master drawing structures!With over than 70 exam style questions, with different levels of difficulties, your progress will show!Again if you are looking for a game, Molecular Geometry is not for you!!!It is a great resource if you are in college or high school. Taking IB, AP or Alevels Chemistry!!!
Price USD 1.99
License Purchase
File Size 28.01 MB
Version 1.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required