MQuiz Three-Digit Numbers Addition and Subtraction - Mental Math Quiz

What's 389 + 567 = ? How about 728 - 355 = ?The best app for practicing THREE-DIGIT NUMBERS ADDITION and SUBTRACTION. Specially designed for improving children's mental math skills.Benefits- Practice and improve three-digit numbers addition and subtraction- Next level up after two-digit numbers addition and subtraction- Speed up your general addition and subtraction skills- Improve mental math skills- Great brain exercise- Great for math practice on the go, while in the car, shopping etc.- Favourite by ICT / Education programs in Elementary / Primary schoolsFeatures- Bright, clear and easy to use interface- Numbers are randomly generated and will not repeat in the same sequence (not flash cards) - Choose operations: Addition, Subtraction or Mixed Addition and Subtraction- Display the addition operation horizontal or vertical- Choose the number of questions per quiz- Highlights incorrect answers for learning purpose- Result as percentage, and as the number of mistakes - With timerUniversal Application- You can use it on your iPad, iPhone or iPod.Check out related MQuiz apps- MQuiz Subtract Multiple Numbers- MQuiz Add Multiple Numbers- MQuiz Subtract Multiple Numbers- MQuiz Adding Decimals - MQuiz Subtracting Decimals - MQuiz Integer Addition - MQuiz Integer Subtraction - MQuiz Mixed Integer Addition and Subtraction - MQuiz Square Root- MQuiz Square Number- MQuiz Negative Number Line
File Size1.89 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required