LinguiSystems Apraxia Cards

Treat childhood apraxia of speech with appealing pictures and a precise, organized hierarchy of word selections and prompts. Superb illustrations, audio examples, student scoring and data management, and record/playback features make this an indispensable therapy tool. 240 pictured items move from basic syllable sequences to multisyllabic word production in sentences, or you can select specific combinations within the hierarchy for assessment and customized practice. The five sections of stimuli are carefully arranged to give a precise progression of demand on the child's motor planning skills:VC/CVCVC (no change in consonant, change in consonant but not place, change in consonant and place)CVCV (no change in consonant or vowel, change in vowel but not consonant, change in consonant and vowel)CVCVC lemon, carrotMultisyllabic banana, fingernail A five-level cueing hierarchy on each card supports the progression of demand on motor planning. Move your student through all five cueing levels as his motor-planning skills improve. Two activities are included in the app for bombardment/discrimination and production:In the Touch activity, the student hears a verbal cue and selects the matching word from a choice of two with the same syllable sequence. In the Say activity, you elicit production of the target word using the cueing hierarcy (pinch apart on the screen to show the prompts) and tap the green button to score each correct production, yellow for approximate, and red for incorrect production.Cueing hierarchy for sections 1 through 4:1.Cloze sentence: My pants are too [loose].2.Supply the rhyming word: Goose rhymes with [loose].3.Answer a wh- question: What is the opposite of tight? loose4.Say the target word three times: loose, loose, loose5.Repeat a sentence that contains the target word: Say, "My shoe is loose." Cueing hierarchy for sections 5 and 6:1.Say the target word using forward chaining: Say "Fire." Say "Fire-fite." Say "Fire-fite-er."2.Cloze sentence: The fire was put out by the [firefighter].3.Answer a wh- question: Who puts out fires? firefighter4.Say the target word three times: firefighter, firefighter, firefighter5.Repeat a sentence that contains the target word: Say, "Call the firefighter." The 240 cards are further categorized with markers of the syllable type, sound placement, and vowels used in each word. Cumulative data is gathered and stored for an unlimited number of students.
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