Molecular Biology Review

The Guide to Molecular Biology uses 10 chapters, 250 flashcards and 300 multiple choice questions to provide a fundamental understanding of the millions of molecular mechanisms happening in your cellsright now! In general, this app is most useful as a study aid and/or as a practical research reference.Designed with the biology student or laboratory researcher in mind, the Guide to Molecular Biology begins by introducing a brief history of the influential scientists and landmark discoveries that helped to shape and define the discipline of molecular biology. Properties of organic macromolecules are introduced, with particular emphasis given to the structure and function of nucleic acids, proteins, and chromosomes. The protein complexes and enzymes involved in DNA replication, transcription, and translation are explored in more detail.Here, the cracking of the genetic code is explained and used to illustrate how cryptic messages in your DNA, known as genes, are transformed into armies of functionally relevant proteins throughout your body. An entire chapter is then dedicated to regulation of gene expression the critical processes used to keep these transformations from getting out of control thereby helping to prevent disease and maintain healthy viable cells.The final chapter uses the information presented herein to focus on cutting edge laboratory techniques used by scientists to explain how discoveries are made and precisely how questions are answered at the molecular level. This app was produced using the Study by App web based app development software. This application was produced by Lou Devlin.Lou Devlin earned his BS in microbiology, his MS in biology, and is currently working towards obtaining his doctorate. He has taught human anatomy and physiology at the collegiate level for 5 years. In addition to his teaching credentials, Lou is currently employed as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry where he utilizes the laws of immunology to advance innovation in research and development.
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