Freemasonry Complete Guide

Explore the most complete iPad application about Freemasonry Freemasonry is the worlds oldest and largest fraternal Organization; and it is without a doubt the least understood. It is a traditional initiatic order and one of the last remaining institutions in the Western world to preserve and practice traditional forms. Freemasonry arose in the late 16th to early 17th century and following the Masonic tradition it is believed to have originated with the craft guilds of medieval Europe and latterly, to have expanded to admit those who did not actually belong to the trade. According to a Masonic ritual, Freemasonry is a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. The contents of the application are based on authoritative international bibliography from prestigious authors. FEATURES LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT FREEMASONRY WITH AN AMAZING BOOK LAYOUTEXPLORE A 3D VIRTUAL CRAFT LODGE DISCOVER THE MAJORITY OF THE GRAND LODGES AROUND THE WORLDSTUNNING PRESENTATION OF THE FAMOUS FREEMASONS THROUGHOUT HISTORY A percentage of the earnings will be distributed to Charities. CONTENTS1) Historya) Freemasonry before 1717i) Philosophy and traditionsii) First Masonic manuscriptsiii) First Masonic Activity in 16th & 17th centuriesb) Freemasonry after 1717i) The foundation of the Grand Lodge of England GLEii) Freemasonry Constitutionsiii) The foundation of the Ancient Grand Lodge in England AGLEiv) The formation of the United Grand Lodge of England UGLEv) Masonic Organizations outside Britainvi) Freemasonry in 20th century2) Regularity Masonic Lodge Lodge Officersa) Regularityb) 2. Masonic Lodgei) Lodge Roomc) Lodge Officers3) Symbols of Freemasonrya) The Square and Compassesb) The Builders Toolsc) The Volume of Sacred Lawd) The Chamber of Reflectione) The Mosaic Pavementf) The Lightsg) The Pillarsh) The Masons Clothing4) Craft Degreesa) Becoming a Freemason requirementsb) Apprenticec) Fellow Craftd) Master Mason5) Higher Degreesa) Higher Rites, Orders, and Degrees around the worldb) 1. Holy Royal Archc) 2. Mark Masonryd) 3. Scottish Ritee) 4. York Ritef) 5. Other Masonic Organizations
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