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*****Appsolutely brilliant says Horse & Hound magazine, England, U.K.*********** 5 stars - Amazing for all horse lovers!!! This app is totally worth it and thank goodness it's free! I think it's worth $3, and it's so helpful when handling horses and it really created an amazing mental rider out of me! Horsejumpergirly, USA 5 stars ********** 5 stars - Really good, it helped me improve my riding so much, Maisieharvey, U.K. 5 stars ********** 5 stars - I luv this app you must get it this very second!!! :) I LUV HORSES this app will tell you sooooo much your horse will thank you :) Shannon 242, USA 5 stars *****Want to make a huge difference in your riding? Here are the 100 things your horse wants to you know. Whether you hack out for pleasure, showjump, event or compete in dressage, this app will help you understand your horses perspective and improve your riding skills. Perfect for when you are planning a training session with your horse!-Be smooth & efficient, not quick.-Some people try to push the horse through things. Instead start from where the horse is at.-Dont let the horse learn he is stronger than you.-With a youngster, dont be critical.-Let the horse move his feet if he needs to, but do it in a useful way.-Bring the horse to the mounting block, not the mounting block to the horse.-Dont make the horse canter. Just get him ready to canter.-If you relax when you ask, the horse will relax when they respond.-You cant collect a horse with his poll lower than his withers. That will cripple a horse after a while.People can have a lot of experience but not a lot of knowledge. Old age can get there before wisdom.-You will spend your time better working with your horse, than cleaning him up. At the end of the month its better to have a better riding horse than a shiny tail.-You shouldnt be peddling your horse with your legs. If you are, after a while youll have to get off and walk for a walk to get a rest.-Handfeeding isnt loving your horse. Direction and guidance is loving your horse. Otherwise they can start to see you as their waiter!-Get him ready to do it. The horse will take care of doing it.-When you turn them out good, they come back in better. When you turn them out bad, they come back in worse. They dont learn any more but they get more sure about it.-If you are on the right path, you are only going to get better.-The best riders are usually the best students who listen, try and practise.This app is suitable for iPodtouch, iPhone and iPad app. This app requires internet access during installation and use.
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