Number Scramble Help FileHow to playYou and another player in the Number Scramble game are given a stack of six number tiles. You then take turns to use the tiles in your stack to make a line of numbers that add to 12. The line must include one or more of the old tiles that are already on the game board but you can use as many of your own tiles to make the line as you wish. Each line is scored using these rules:Score 1 for each new tile that you use in your line.Score 2 if you use an old tile at the beginning or end of your line.Score 3 if you use an old tile somewhere in the middle of your line.So, to make a high score, use as many of your tiles as possible and use an old tile in the middle of your line rather than at the end.Putting tiles on the Game BoardTo start a new line, tap on a tile in your stack and then tap a place next to a tile that is already on the game board where you want the tile to go. Once you have started a new line, you can only add tiles to the beginning or end of the line.You can remove an incomplete line at any stage. Just tap the Reset button and the line you are making will be removed and the tiles will be replaced in your stackYou can also change a tile that is in your line for a new one. Tap the new tile in your stack and then tap the old tile that you want to replace. The new tile will become part of your line and the old tile will jump back into your stack.When the tiles in your line add to the required total, all the tiles in the line turn green and the score for that line in added to your total score. You will also see that some white tiles are added to the game board. These show positions on the board that cannot be used any more. That is because you cannot add tiles to the beginning or end of a line that is complete. Sometimes a position that is next to the place where two line cross will also turn white. That is because you can only build a line in one direction.Lets play a gameWhen you start Number Scramble, a number is in position at the centre of the game board.For your turn you might add these numbers to the game board.As soon as you add the last tile to your line, the line turns green and the two positions at the beginning and end of the line turn white to show that they can no longer be used.Your line would score 3 for the new tiles and 3 for using the old tile in the middle of your line, making a total of 6. You will see your score showing above your stack of tiles but your name button will have turned red to show that it is the other players turn to make a line.Note:If you are not able to make a total of 12 with your tiles and one of the old tiles, tap the Pass button and your turn is ended.When does the Game End?There are only 35 tiles available for the two stacks and these will usually run out before the board becomes completely full. Towards the end of a game, there will be no more tiles that can be added to the stacks and so the players have fewer and fewer tiles with which to make their lines. Eventually, you will have to tap the Pass button because you do not have enough tiles to make the required total. When both players tap the Pass button, one after the other, the game is ended and the winner is the player with the highest total.RememberGames are meant to be fun as well as learning opportunities so stop when either player has had enough. That way you will both want to return to the game time and time again.
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