Read With MeThe goal of the Read With Me is to embrace your childs ability to learn to read naturally. It immerses your child in literacy learning at a very young age by displaying easily seen words connected to you and your childs shared book reading experience. Children have written words in their daily lives but they are not usually shown in a form that is easily seen and attended to by the child. In this application, the words are presented dynamically one at a time in large type and stay on the screen long enough for the child to attend to the words and eventually learn to read them. This experience allows your child to learn to read naturally in the same manner that they learn to understand what you say. How It WorksYou and your children have your favorite picture books. It is likely that some of these books are in our library. If so, your child can now see the printed words from the book on the iPad, iPod, or iPhone during your reading time. To begin, just search the library, which can be organized by author or title, and find a book you have and would like to read together. The book you are reading is most likely familiar to your child and it enriches their experience to see the words they know printed in text that they can see clearly and therefore learn to read.With this application, you read to your child or children as you normally do, enjoying the rich sharing of emotion and adventure that joint book reading consistently provides. Your child is engaged in all of the rich sensory cues provided by your presence, the engaging sounds of your speech, and the attractive pictures in the book. This application adds to this experience by inserting written words from the book for your child to experience at appropriate times on the iPad screen. This application carries out automated speech recognition under your command. The application will recognize the book readers speech and display some of it on the screen. For best accuracy, you will want to read clearly and with emphasis as you usually do with your child. You activate this recognition by touching the screen before you begin reading a sentence from the book, and touch it again when you have finished reading the sentence. The words from the sentence you just read will then appear on the iPad screen. The program is optimized to recognize complete sentences from specific books that are listed in our library. To begin, select the book you will read from the list of books in the Settings page. When you read, we suggest that you initially activate the speech recognition for only some of the fairly short sentences in the book. By monitoring the story and your childs attention, you will know the appropriate places to show some written text to embellish the story. For these sentences, you touch the screen before you begin reading the sentence, and touch it again when you have finished. Almost immediately after the selected sentence is read some of the words from the sentence will be presented on the screen, as specified on the Settings page. Make sure that your child has a good view of the screen and attract his or her attention to the screen if necessary.You can view examples of using this application at
File Size16.64 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPod Touch (3rd generation or later, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad. iTunes account required.