QuoteTDN--The Daily Self-Improvement Tool. QuoteTDN (quote-tee-dee-enn) is a play on the word "quotidian", or daily. The core concept behind QuoteTDN is that by repeated exposures we can acquire new vocabulary words and/or useful quotations to enhance our conversation. Use QuoteTDN every day to: Improve Your Vocabulary: At intervals you choose, display vocabulary words with example sentences. Over time, these words will become part of YOUR vocabulary, rendering you increasingly erudite (knowledgeable) and perspicuous (clear). Learn clever quotations from important works of literature: Wit and humor can be learned and developed like any other skill. Use QuoteTDN to build a personal repertoire of clever sayings from giants of the past like Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Thoreau, GK Chesterton, Kippling, Plato and many others. After seeing them enough times, you will find yourself uttering these clever insights yourself at appropriate moments. Research suggests that between 30 and 50 exposures will insert a typical phrase into your subconscious. It's not instant, but when it comes to education and self-improvement, what is? At least it's automated and relatively painless. Reminder Messages: At intervals you choose, display a reminder message such as, "Stir the pot", "Drink a glass of water", "Remember the dry cleaning", "John's birthday next week" Special-feature Alarm Clock: QuoteTDN also includes a special-featured alarm clock with (optional) countdown timer that can be seen from across the room. At alarm time, an (optional) high-visibility alert can draw your attention to the computer's screen. Whether self-educating with pop-up literature or reminding yourself of important ideas or using the special-feature alarms, QuoteTDN is a quotidian self-improvement tool.
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