Muddles are jumbled up puzzles, designed to test and improve upon your cognitive memory skills. Specifically developed for improving your general knowledge and mental acuity, these fun, brain exercises should give your mind muscles a workout. Muddles brain teasers come in several styles and cover a variety of subjects. With practice, you should be able to begin untangling your favorite Muddles with ease. The trick is to keep doing them over and over again . . . and the challenge is to see how quickly you can muddle through them. Included in this app are 25 unique brain games, covering subjects for all ages: The Solar System, U.S. Presidents, Biological Classification, Human Respiratory and Digestive Tracts, The Lunar Cycle, Elements of the Periodic Table, Squares and Square Roots, Western and Chinese Zodiacs, Binary Sequencing, Brail, Geologic Timeline, Metric Prefix Multipliers, Pi, Atmospheric Structure, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Stages of Mitosis, Colors of the Rainbow, Roman Numerals, The English Alphabet, Counting, Months of the Year, Birthstones, and The Holy Bible.*Side effects may include: A stronger and healthier brain Lightning-fast thinking and problem-solving skills Superhuman mental alertness and intellectual knowledge Preternatural concentration with increased mental capacity Intense mental acuity with superior self confidence
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