Sight Words For 1st Grade - SPEED QUIZ

The SPEED QUIZ is formatted such that a Sight Word is spoken and several answer options are presented. The child is to select the correct Sight Word as quickly as possible to see the next set of words. You will easily be able to track your childs progress and mastery of these key Sight Words by reviewing their scores. Children love seeing their names move up on the leader board as they become more proficient.Sight Words For 1st Grade - SPEED QUIZ is a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TOOL for teaching your child their 1st Grade Sight Words. Through the use of repetitive visual cues along with clear audio pronunciation you will be amazed at the speed in which your child master's this important skill. The Dolch Word Lists are compilations of frequently used words as identified by Edward William Dolch, PhD. Dr. Dolch compiled the lists based on the frequency of word appearance in children's books. The 1st Grade list is comprised of words that are extremely common in 1st Grade literature and should be mastered by your child. All of the Dolch 1st Grade words are included in this application.Many of the Dolch words cant be sounded out using common sound-to-letter implicit phonics patterns and have to be learned by sight; hence the alternative term, sight word." This application is designed to be used by very young children and is highly effective at providing a solid foundation for the immediate identification and pronunciation of these cornerstone words for early learners.Please try out Sight Words For 1st Grade - SPEED QUIZ. You'll be amazed at how quickly your child learns.
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