A Latin square is an (n x n) grid of cells. Each cell contains exactly one symbol from the set S = {1, 2, ..., n}. If you look down any column, or across any row of the Latin square, you'll see every symbol precisely once. If you've ever completed a Sudoku puzzle, then you've built a Latin square on the symbols {1, 2, ..., 9}. This app provides comprehensive coverage of the field of Latin squares, including:* Theory,* Books,* Journal articles,* Unsolved Problems,* Notable Latin squaresIt also includes a random Latin square generator (using a Markov chain pioneered by Jacobson and Matthews in 1996). You can generate Latin squares for any order up to 15. Once you have generated a square, you can then find transversals that lie within it (if there are any).The app will be updated with new content as and when it appears in the community.
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