Welcome to The Aleph Bet Story! Each Hebrew letter comes to life in a whimsical story and colorful picture of its own. Sarah and David and their young friends Ben and Rachel want to share their adventures with you. Along the way, you'll join David at a baseball game, see Ben in outer space, see Ben and Rachel in the Garden of Eden and join Sarah as she dreams about her wedding day. These are just some of the fun stories that you'll see and hear as you learn the Hebrew letters. Remembering the Aleph Bet was never so easy and so much fun! Each story goes on to highlight each letter's special features. "Corners, curves, openings and closings, toes and tails" will help you focus on each letter's unique features and distinguish those letters that seem to look alike! Lastly you'll review the name of each letter and hear each the sound of each letter pronounced out-loud. The Aleph Bet Story is the foundation for the Sarah and David system of Hebrew reading. With the letters learned well at the very beginning, you'll be ready for the next step, learning to read Hebrew.
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