Math Video: Basic Algebra

This math video app provides a quick and simple way for you to learn and understand the basics for algebra. All of the 7 computer animated videos are stored in your device. So, no internet connection required to play. These math videos are: Introduction to algebra, Combining like terms, Simplifying expressions: adding like terms, Simplifying expression: removing brackets , Evaluating expressions, Basics on solving linear equations and Examples on solving linear equations. Each of these videos is divided into several different parts that you can easily skipped to. More details below: Introduction to AlgebraIntroduction The purpose of algebra More on the purpose of algebra Represent the 'numbers' as x Using different alphabets to represent variables Combining Like Terms Introduction Basics: An example on combining like terms Basics: Another example on combining like terms Example on combing the terms in x+x+y+y More examples on identifying like terms Simplifying Expressions: Adding Like TermsIntroduction: Simplifying expressions by adding like terms Basics: An example on simplifying expressions Example 1: Simplifying 7u+q-5u+4q Example 2: Simplifying 7u+3v^2-2u+5v^2 Example 2: Simplify after arranging the like terms together Simplifying Expression: Removing Brackets Introduction: Simplifying expressions by removing brackets Basics: Using 3(2x) as an example Basics: Using 2(x+1) as an examples Example 1: Simplify 2(3a)-2(4a-3b) Example 2: Simplify 3x+2(x+4)-(2x-3) Evaluating Expressions Introduction Example 1: Evaluate 2p+2 when p=3 Example 2: Evaluate 4p+3r when p=3 and r=-2 Example 3: Evaluate p^3-2r^2-2 when p=3 and r=-2 Example 4: Evaluate r^2-2pr when p=3 and r=-2 Basics on Solving Linear Equations The basic ideas in solving x+5=8 A shortcut in solving x+5=8 The basic ideas & shortcut in solving x-2=8 The basic ideas & shortcut in solving 3x=9 The basic ideas & shortcut in solving x/7=2 Examples on Solving Linear Equations IntroductionExample 1: Solve 2x-1=5+4x Example 2: Solve 2(2x-1)=2x+8 Example 3: Solve 2(x+1)=5-3(x-1) Example 4: Solve x/4+2=x-1
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