iAltairHD pretends to be a MITS Altair 8800 computer and gives you a glimpse how old operating systems like CP/M 2 have felt. It is fully loaded with software but please note that the system is completely self contained and this means that you cannot remotely add any code.If you want to play a classic text based adventure game such as Zork, talk to Eliza, play Startrek, do a little bit of WordStar or create a little program in Basic or TurboPascal, iAltairHD is for you.The iAltairHD computer supports- 8080, Z80 and 8086 CPU- Basic VT100 terminal emulation for full screen editors and games- CPU speed throttling for classic terminal gamesThe following software is included:- Altair Basic (4k and 8k) and Altair DOS- CP/M 2 with Basic, Pascal MT+, Prolog, TurboPascal, WordStar, Multiplan, a collection of classic Basic games and text based adventures- CP/M 3 with the possibility to exchange data between CP/M 2 and CP/M 3- CP/M 86 with VEDIT and Pascal MT+ 86- MS-DOS 1.25 with Basic-86
Price USD 4.99
License Purchase
File Size 4.1 MB
Version 1.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPad. iTunes account required.