Math 3 in 1 (Drills, Flashcard, 60 sec Game)

Math 3 in 1 is the most complete math app in the appstore, and yet the simplest to use, and to customize. Math 3 in 1 includes 1- Math Flashcard practice 2- Speed Math Drills 3- 60 seconds game challenge Math 3 in 1 tracks your wrong answers, and intelligently creates problems based on the selected level customization combined with previous wrong answers. Hence, the app will learn your weakness and will focus on that. This feature is what distinguishes this app from rest in the appstoreMath 3 in 1 includes equations for Additions: (customizable from 0-1000)Subtractions : (customizable from 0-1000) and an option to include negative answersMultiplications select any of timetable from 0 to 20Division select any of timetable from 0 to 20In additions, Math 3 in 1 has an already predefined operator combination:Additions and Subtractions Multiplications and divisions Customizable combination of all four operations Math 3 in 1 includes five customizable levels:EasyNormalDifficultInsaneCustomMath 3 in 1 three apps in 1 All work together to make a perfect tool for building solid math foundations improving your math skills overtime. With Math 3 in 1 you follow the simple learning cycle: First, practice with flashcard Then, quiz your self with speed math drills Challenge your self with the 60 seconds game challenger * Math FlashCard Practice: First you practice at your own pace, and quiz your self-using the flashcard practice. Reveal the answer at any point * SpeedMath Drills: The next stage is speed math drills; you must enter the correct answer within 9 seconds. Collect up to 3 stars per question. * 60 seconds game challenge: Challenge yourself and see how many correct answers you get within 60 seconds+ Switch anytime between Multiple Choice and number keypad. The number keypad will allow you to guess the answer until the correct answer is entered. + My progress trackingAlways review the previously missed questions, and have the option to challenge the mistake anytime.+ Multi-Tasking capabilityThis will allow continuing the game if interrupted in the middle of the game + E-mail ResultsWith Math 3 in 1 you send your results by email. Many parents wish they had this feature to be on top of how their kids are doing.+ ScoringIndividual score for each for the 35 levels, for the SpeedMath drills, and the 60 seconds game challenge. Score is based on a level.
File Size15.31 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required