Good Horsemanship - Equestrian Riding, Groundwork, Dressage and Jumping

Horsemanship is a never ending education. Working in harmony with a horse is an art form, but its not meant to be rocket science. Understanding your horses perspective, being able to work with your horse in his time and always remembering that your horse has a reason for everything he does, are just some of the basic fundamentals of good horsemanship. Behind every great horse is a great trainer, and behind every great trainer is good horsemanship. This app contains: An introduction to Good Horsemanship Groundwork, including exercises in catching your horse, leading, standing still, good manners, riding preparations, touching all over, confidence, stopping, hindquarter and forequarter yields Training horses Food Turnout & stabling Feet & farriers Principals Getting on the bit and working with the horse Ridden work Solving problems Changed behaviour Safety Not all about the money The why Should I buy a horse Mature or young horse The perfect fit I want a pony Irish HorsemanshipNote this app will need internet access on your device during installation.
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