Power Math - Multiplication

Carryout Multiplications step by stepThis Application enables you to solve multiplication problems step by step, just as you would do it on a sheet of paper. Being able to carry out the multiplication step by step is the key feature of this application. The application surface area represents a worksheet thats touch enabled. As you start to do the multiplication you touch areas on the screen to highlight it and then use the keypad to enter the numbers. The idea is to enable long multiplications where you go digit by digit line by line also entering any carry forwards to solve the problem.How the application worksWhen you start the application it presents a screen where you choose the type of multiplications you like to practice. You could choose number of digits that you want for multiplicand as well as the multiplier and also set the range for the numbers; also you could choose if you want the application to present numbers that would result in rounding. Once set, the application presents questions that are generated randomly using the above criteria.As guidance, if the user is a kindergartener and wants to practice basic multiplication facts, you might choose to start with one digit and may set your multiplier limit to the same number say 4 to practice multiplying by 4 (see the screenshot below). As you start to get more comfortable with your basic one digit multiplications you could start to turn it up a notch by increasing the digits on the first number (multiplicand) and also introduce the rounding.If the user is in higher grades and has basic multiplication facts squared away, he or she could start with multiple digits on the second number (multiplier) and you will be presented with the worksheet that will allow you to do multiline multiplications (see the screen shot below).Practice, Practice, PracticeIsnt that we have heard so many times about Math? Should I really have to carry my workbooks everywhere, isnt it really so cumbersome to do your workbooks when you are in the car with your parents. With the fabulous technology in your hand you have this fabulous application that I am confident will provide you the tool that you are looking for to improve your grades and become more confident.FinallyAs you can see this application doesnt become obsolete after just one grade, it is something that you really want to keep with you for quite many years.I am very confident that this tool will prove to be a tool that will truly help you learning multiplications and give you the edge that you are looking for in your classroom.*****Testimonials*****These are from my three testers for this application,My 6 year old daughter says she has just moved to two digit level.I myself am having fun with four digit multiplication, what a great brain exercise. Didnt know what the calculators and computers have done to my mathematical ability (grin).My 14 year old, Dad this is so cool..
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