K-12 Dance Program + Extras!

Special Price compared to our hardcover version! -3 Levels of Dancing -Full Length Descriptions w/Step-by-Step Pictures & Videos! -LEVEL 1 Timings: 1, 2, 3, 4 (10 - 4 Beat Moves, 10 - 8 Beat Moves) -LEVEL 2 Timings: 1, 2, 3-&-4 (10 - 4 Beat Moves, 10 - 8 Beat Moves) -LEVEL 3 Timings: 1, 2, 3, 4 (5 - 4 Beat Moves, 5 - 8 Beat Moves) 1, 2, 3-&-4 (5 - 4 Beat Moves, 5 - 8 Beat Moves) 1-&-2, 3-&-4 (5 - 4 Beat Moves, 5 - 8 Beat Moves) 1-&-2, 3, 4 (10 - 4 Beat Moves, 10 - 8 Beat Moves) 1, 2-&-3, 4 (5 - 4 Beat Moves, 5 - 8 Beat Moves) -100 Fresh Dance Moves total, including floor work and jumps! -FREE downloadable Student Programs for each level (on our website) -Several Pre-Made dances (available on our website) BONUS 1: 84 Pre-Made Dance Formations for groups between 5-18 dancers (included in this app) BONUS 2: Create your own dance formations with our best selling program (included in this app) *Additional info & videos can be found on our website www.K12DanceProgram.com How It Works: 1) PICK out a dance move from the K12 Dance Program curriculum based on the level of students you are teaching. 2) READ the descriptions, follow the pictures and/or check the video to fully understand the dance step. The videos are filmed from behind the dancer facing into the mirror for easier learning! 3) REPEAT Steps 1-2 until you have the desired dance length using either the 4-Beat Dance Moves or 8-Beat Dance Moves. There are thousands of dances you can make putting together any 8 moves! 4) HELP students fill in their individual Student Programs (which can be downloaded for free on our website) 5) AFTER students have learned several dance moves, they will be able to put together their own dances (which can be performed for the class & graded by their teacher). *) For your convenience, there are pre-made dances included on our website so that you don't have to put together dances yourself if you aren't in the creative mood. Why It Works: 1) OUR approach to dancing is METHODICAL & DETAILED vs. the everyday "Try to copy what I do" approach. You and your students will learn to understand HOW dancing works physically. This approach helps students of all ages understand their bodies better. By going further into dancing, your students will have a better sense of understanding and accomplishment. 2) GOALS GOALS GOALS...students will be more engaged in dancing when they are given specific goals (as outlined in our student programs). Each program can be tailored for each student where they can create goals & track their progress. Students can be lost if they don't see progress constantly...but with the K12 Dance Program students will be able to track their progress after each class! 3)The K12 Dance Program contains 3 different dance levels which makes it fun to progress. Think about a karate class with no colored belt progression...is that any fun? Of course not, students want to know that they can achieve something, whether it's a different colored belt or a new and challenging dance level. We give you the tools to keep the student's interest. 4) UNLIKE dance DVDs with a series of dances with loose descriptions, the K12 Dance Program has descriptive manuals that take into account the visually impaired, they're that detailed! Each step focuses on specifics of dancing that creates good coordination and high self esteem. 5) UNLIKE other dance classes that tend to be loosely controlled, the K12 Dance Program is very structured. The K12 Dance Program is essentially a curriculum for you to follow to that doesn't have many loose ends to it. Just follow the program step-by-step and you will not have to do too much thinking or planning which gives you time to focus on other tasks that make the student's experience with you that much more educational and fulfilling.
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