Wheel Math Wheel Fun

Number Wheels are part of MisterNumbers Right Brain Math. Number Wheels use a number line to 10, which is bent into a circle. This number wheel isolates the ones-digits, nicknamed the Onesies, to view the fascinating patterns that are inherent in math. It is like putting on 3-D glasses and suddenly simple and beautiful patterns show up: Stars, Pentagons, Decagons, Yo-Yo lines, and 10 pointed Stars. Kids are adding on a playful calculator and learning what multiplication is and how it works. They are rewarded by fireworks, fun sounds, and verbal repetition of patterns. The 3-D look at the ones and tens-digits allow kids to put them together to create the times tables. It makes it a fun game to learn the times tables because it provides a structure for kids to connect addition and multiplication. Number Wheels are a great place to have discussions about numbers. Many adults find the wheels as interesting as kids do. Watch MisterNumbers animated math videos on Youtube (over 300,000 views). The Right Brain approach has helped many kids who have a negative attitude about math or numbers. Wheel Math is a revolutionary and positive introduction to math for young kids.
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