Explore the Solar System -- on foot! SpaceWalking is an augmented-reality app thatcreates a virtual model of the Solar System around you, reduced to a walkable scale. SpaceWalking requires iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4. Watch the video at! "Maybe one of the coolest [iPhone apps] out there." "An original and innovative concept and if you are even remotely interested in space exploration, check it out." -AppSafari "A fun twist on exploring the solar system." -iPhoneFreak Walk across the street to visit Venus, Head down the block to Jupiter, and stretch your legs to get a glimpse of Pluto. As you walk around, your iPhone displays the the Sun, planets, moons and other objects, with all distances and object sizes to scale. Adjust the distance scale to fit the solar system inside your neighborhood or across your city. Earn achievements and send reports of your journeys to Facebook and Twitter! It's simple to use: 1) Choose a scale. The Solar System ranges from one to 40 kilometers (.6 to 24 miles) in size, depending on the scale you select. 2) Choose a Starting Point: You can start at the Sun and walk the entire Solar System, or start at one of the planets for area exploration. 3) Create the scale model of the Solar System. The Solar System is laid out in a straight line, so face the direction that you want to walk. 4) Switch to PlanetView and your device screen becomes a window into this virtual world. The distance to the nearest planet is shown in the blue bar at the top. When you come within range of a planet, the phone will vibrate and a "Visit" button will appear onscreen in PlanetView. This appears when you are about 28 million kilometers from a planet. 5) When Visiting a planet, you can touch the names of the planet and any moons to zoom in close. Be sure to notice the real-world diameters of these objects, displayed at the bottom of the screen, to truly appreciate the vast size of the Solar System and the smallness of the planets! Press the Back button to step back to the Visit view, and then touch Back again to resume walking around from planet to planet. 6) The virtual Solar System includes the Sun, eight planets, and several representatives of the Asteroid and Kuiper Belts. As you walk from planet to planet, keep an eye out for other objects, from asteroids to comets to spacecraft! Most of these are found among the inner planets. 7) Touch the Share button to post to Twitter and Facebook. 8) There are over a dozen Achievements you can earn by exploring the Solar System. Go to Options to access the list of Achievements. Achievements will appear in PlanetView when you earn them. A good GPS signal is necessary for this app to work properly, so it is best used out-of-doors and, when outdoors, away from tall buildings. You will probably obtain weak GPS signals when indoors. Car dashboards can interfere with the compass, making the app perform poorly. Go to our website for more tips and information: Please note the following error in the app: The description for the New Horizons achievement says that spacecraft is near Uranus; in fact, it is near the Kuiper Belt (Pluto). We will fix that soon in an update.
Price USD1.99
License Purchase
File Size 67.15 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad 3G. iTunes account required.