ForTran: Formula Translator

Increase your understanding of the formulae that govern the world around you with ForTran. This free formula translator features well over 100 equations in dozens of categories with detailed explanations of the formulae at work as well as quality graphics to assist your understanding. Includes beginner and advanced formulae and is a must for any student, engineer or anyone interested in science and physics. Play with hundreds of variables and see the results. Some formulae and topics covered include; Air Column Resonance, Area Power, Barometric Formula, Battery Loads, Bullet Drop, Car Bank, Car Crashes, Coulomb's Law, Decible Calculation, Density, Diesel Engines, Doppler Calculation, Energy Comparisons, Energy Falling, Escape Velocity, Fabry-Perot Calculation, Freefall in Air, Fluid Pressure, Grating, Heat Transfer, Hubble's Law, Image Planes, Impedance Calculations, Inductance of a Solenoid, Interference Filters, Law of Cosines, Law of Sines, Magnetic Forces, Magnetic Vectors, Moment of Inertia, Motion Examples, Newton's Laws, Ohm's Law, Ohm's Law (AC), Orbits, Pendulums, Power AC, Power DC, Pressure Flow, Quadratic Formula, Relative Humidity, Relativity Calculations, Ripple Filter, Rotation Equations, Schwarzschild Radius, Specific Heat, Speed of Sound, Stopping Distance, Terminal Velocity, Trajectories, Unit Conversions, Vapor Pressure, Vectors, Voltage Dividers, Waves Calculations and more!
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