What's Your True Color?

A test to know yourself better.Colors are everywhere around us. They influence not only our mood and our behavior, but also our personality. For example, the color red evokes passion and risk-taking, brown evokes credibility and stability, yellow evokes dynamism and zest for life, etc. Thus, each individual's personality can be likened to a specific color. So, what's your true color? A test you must take at least once in your lifetime!This test allows you to determine the color that best reflects your personality, find out how it relates to the other eight colors, and realize how your color is perceived in society. Your color can reveal the image you project to others! Hence, it is a useful exercise in knowing yourself.How to take the test 1. Your color can tell you many things about yourself and your behavior. By answering all 50-test questions that evoke your preferences and attitude in everyday situations, you will discover the color that accurately reflects the type of person you really are. 2. This test, prepared by a psychologist specializing in number and color symbolism, is not a timed test. Neither does it require knowledge on specific fields. It only requires honest answers to questions that aim to draw out the most outstanding traits of your character and personality. 3. Select the answer to each questions by pressing the numbers 1, 2, 3 on your phone.4. Based on the answers you make, a commentary on your color symbol will be provided.
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