My Enigma - Enigma Machine Simulator

My Enigma is a simplified, yet faithful, simulation of the German cryptographic encoding machine used in World War II. The Enigma is one of the most studied and storied rotary encoding machines. The allies effort breaking Enigmas encryption was instrumental in winning World War II. The simulator demonstrates the original three rotor system with a fixed reflector and includes the double stepping feature. Initial version does not include the plug board and only uses rotor types I, II and III. The primary reason was to keep operation simple for demonstration and use.To encode, set the rotors to a three letter configuration and then type on the simulated keyboard. The lamps above the keyboard will light up with the encoded letter just as the original machine. The original and encoded strings are also displayed as you type. Double tap on the fields to copy and paste the text to or from email and SMS.To decode, set the rotors to the same configuration as you used for encoding. Then type the encoded message and the lights will now show the original message. You can also paste a message into the input field and have it decoded all at once.
Price USD 1.99
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File Size 976.56 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later., iTunes account required