Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos

Combining structured music theory lessons with matching exercises is what sets Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos apart from the crowd.Check out all these available subjects:- Introduction to Intervals- Introduction to Scales- Circle of Fourths and Fifths- Key Signatures- Diatonic Intervals- Major Chords- Diatonic Intervals, Continued- Relative Minor Scale- Inverted Major Chords- Chords Continued- Descending Intervals- Chromatic Intervals- Diatonic Chords- Harmonic Minor Scale- Melodic Minor Scale- Inverted Intervals- Major 7th Chords- Minor 7th Chords- Dominant 7th Chords- Major 6th Chords- Pentatonic Scale- Minor Pentatonic Scale- Modes*** There is no other application specifically designed for iOS that offers so much Music Theory content in one complete app.*** Develop your ears as you develop your Music Theory knowledge. Musicopoulos comes with a beautiful default piano sample that will help develop your ears as you develop your musical knowledge.*** Other instrument choices for input include:- Piano- Guitar- Bass Guitar- Violin- Viola- Cello*** Musicopoulos is the best drilling app, available exclusively to the iTunes Store! The core subjects currently available included:- music theory- sight readingwith more subjects, exercises and modules on the way!Understanding music theory will help you become a better musician. Your extended knowledge may just be what it takes to give you the edge!Download Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos now and become a part of the music family!What our loyal uses are saying about Musicopoulos.Awesome music app - I don't usually write reviews but I want to share my love for this app because its the best app out now for musicians who want to strengthen their music theory and sight reading. The recent update has made the app that much better and is organized even for beginners to get started on their music theory...Music Theory Practice - It was good before. It is now excellent with the latest update, good to see the developer adding content and re-coding the app...What the critics are saying about Musicopoulos."...practice sections are phenomenal... Pure gold" - Review by Brian,"I mean seriously people, if you play music, you should have this app on your iphone" - Review by" [Musicopoulos] offers a huge amount of review potential for the student learning music" Review by techinmusiced"If you or your child is learning to play an instrument, this app is for you." - Reviewed by"I was really quite impressed by Musicopoulos. As a homeschooling mother, I sat up and took notice right away of what a useful tool this application will be." - Review by homeschoolblogger"lessons with accompanying practices in notes and intervals, scales, and chords. Finally, you can fit your favourite class in your pocket" - Strings Magazine, January 2010, No. 177Many of the exercises throughout the course include Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels so you can build on your knowledge at your own pace. However, none of the lessons are locked so you are free to explore the entire app freely.What would you like to see in the next update?We want to make Musicopoulos the best music theory and practice app available, but we can't do that without your help! We love hearing from you. Any feedback is good feedback. Visit our website and send us an email.Please rate Musicopoulos. Please show your support for Musicopoulos by rating us on the App Store. The more support we have means we can include even more content in this app. You can rate as many times as you like.
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