Math Graphing

Graph and interact with your Math formulas! Cited among the 10 Best Graphing Apps for iPhone! (* Please note: "Math Graphing" is also available for the iPad. Search on "Math Graphing XL" to learn more.MATH GRAPHING is a unique 1D graphing calculator to graph mathematical expressions of arbitrary complexity. "Math Graphing" can help students improve their math skills by developing some visual intuition of mathematical expressions or advanced users who need some scientific capabilities only available with desktop software like Matlab or Mathematica.MATH GRAPHING provides the following functionalities:- Multiple expressions with quasi-unlimited number of variables can be combined to produce simple or complex formulas.- Interactive sliders can be created to visually investigate the role of important parameters on the graphical representation of the formulas.- Trace mode to display coordinates and derivative of marker on selected curve.- Solver tool to solve y = f(x) where x or y are unknown, local/global minima/maxima/extrema (NEW!)- Formula graphs can be saved to the device's Photos Album, or the formulas be exported through email with embedded graphs.- A list of favorite formulas can be created for editing or archival purposes.- Several formulas can be plotted simultaneously in different colors and styles.- Customizable graph appearance: axes labels, title, curve color and style, ticks number, grid, etc.- Single-precision calculator (NEW!)Example of mathematical expression:# Gabor functionx = 0:1:100sigma = 1:50; freq = 0:0.1; phase = 0:180u = cos(2*pi*(x-50)*freq+phase*pi/180)v = e^(-((x-50)^2)/(2*sigma^2))y = u*vplot(u,'lr'); plot(v,'lg'); plot(y,'lw')xlabel('time'); ylabel('amplitude')title('Gabor')Please visit our "Math Graphing" web page ( to learn more about "Math Graphing"!About KyberVision: we provide consulting, research and development services in Vision Sciences. We also develop vision-related applications for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch platform, that are spin-off products of Psykinematix, our Mac OS X flagship product in the field of Visual Psychophysics. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter at
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Version 1.3
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad., Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later., iTunes account required