Elementary Math FREE

Learn basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with Elementary Math!! Elementary Math provides the student with a vast array of learning and practicing tools in one package!!! Elementary Math FREE is the the free lite version of Elementary Math. It is an almost fully functioning version of Elementary Math except: - Addition ranges from 1+1 to 4+4 instead of 1+1 to 12+12 in the full version. - Subtraction ranges from 1-1 to 4-4 instead of 1-1 to 12-12 in the full version. The math wheel allows 1-1 to 19-4 in the free version. - Multiplication ranges from 1x1 to 4x4 instead of 1x1 to 12x12 in the full version. - Division ranges from 164 to 11 instead of 14412 to 11 in the full version. The math wheel allows remainders. - Timed problem sets are fixed at 5s. - Concentration areas is fixed to ALL. - Total number of test problems is fixed at 10 problems.Elementary Math FREE was designed as a preview for the full version of Elementary Math which is for children who are just learning addition, subtraction, multiplication or division in school. This basic math app is divided into two parts: educational tool for learning/studying, and practice exercises.The three (3) educational learning tools consist of:1. A Math Wheel - There is a Math Wheel tool where the young student can scroll through three "wheels" (two operand and one operator wheel). When the wheel stops moving, the answer to the expression is updated in the answer window. By playing around with the operand and operator wheel, the student can learn to spot patterns which will help in better understanding math problems. 2. An Addition Table - A zoomable and scrollable "old fashioned" Addition Table is added to help teach students addition and subtraction. Subtraction can be calculated by using the Addition Table "backwards".3. A Multiplication Table - A zoomable and scrollable "old fashioned" Multiplication Table is added to help teach students multiplication and division. Division can be calculated by using the Multiplication Table "backwards".The five (5) math practice exercises and drills consist of: 1. Flash Cards - Practice math expressions via flashcards!!2. Multpile Choice - Pick an answer from a list of 4 possible answers.3. Problem Sets - A drill built on top of the Flash Card platform, the student will see a math question (for example, 3x4). They will have to type the correct answer into a numerical keypad. The student can go back and forth on various questions (even skipped ones) to double check their answers. When the student presses the "Done" key to complete the test, a report will be generated to summarize the student's performance.4. Timed Problem Sets - Built on top of the Problem Sets platform, the student will again have to type an answer into the numerical keypad. This time, however, the student will have to answer each question in an allotted time. If the student takes too long, a horn sound will blast and the student will be moved to the next question. The student cannot go back to previous questions in this mode. They can only move forward. At the end of the problem set, a report will be generated to summarize the student's performance.5. Squared Problem Sets - Similar to standard problem sets except that this practice exercise concentrates on multiplication squares.A total of three unique users can have their practice exercise settings stored for them:1. Operators to practice.2. Specific numbers/ranges that can be tested.3. # of problems for practice exercises4. Amount of time to answer a question (only for timed problem sets).
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System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later., iTunes account required