eReviewBook is a test prep tool that helps you power through thousands of questions efficiently. The application makes it easy to see your strengths and isolate your areas of weakness. Combinations of filters can be used to focus your energy where you need it most. The incredible flexibility of eReviewBook makes the program adapt to your study style instead of dictating one to you. Designed by a psychiatrist with an MD, MBA, and several years of work on a PhD in neuroscience, eReviewBook can prep you for almost any exam. eReviewBook makes it easy to create and share your own flashcards. It is even possible to import flashcards from other programs or spreadsheets. Along the same lines, eReviewBook supports the Moodle quiz format, allowing you to import or create multiple-choice, numerical, true/false, and matching questions. eReviewBook offers four phases: Edit: to create or modify questions; Flash: to become familiar with new content; Test: to assess knowledge of the topic; and Review: to get feedback on the test assessment. Features: -Adaptive learning capabilities -Score page shows strengths and weaknesses -Embed video, audio and web links -Built-in screen capture and image handling -Import or make your own flashcards and Moodle quizzes -Integrated timer -Keyboard shortcuts for rapid review -Stylized text -Print exams. *-Trademarks belong to their respective owners.
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