API Gravity Calculator Free

The API gravity or American Petroleum Institute gravity is a term often used to measure how heavy or light a petroleum liquid is comparing to water. This application allows you to perform any of the following operations:+ Calculating the API gravity from Liquid density or specific gravity or preloaded database of fluids.+ Calculate the specific gravity from API gravity+ Calculate the Barrels of crude oil per metric ton from API Gravity or select a fluid from the preloaded fluids database to perform the calculation+ Find the classification of oil according to API gravity (Light oil, Medium oil, Heavy oil or Exra heavy oil)The database has the available liquids below:PropaneButaneGasolineKeroseneNo. 1 Fuel oilNo. 2 Fuel oilJet fuel JP-4Jet fuel JP-5BenzeneGas oilsJet fuelPeanut oilPetroleum oilOlive oilOctaneHexaneHeptaneDieselDIFFERENCE BETWEEN FREE VERSION AND PAID VERSIONTo support the development of mobile applications:Free version has banner advertsFree version REQUIRES internet WIFI connection to operateThere is a version that doesn't have adverts and will not require any internet connection click on the link below for this version https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=webbusterz.api_gravityFEEDBACK AND REVIEWSI accept your opinion on this application and off course like anyone else on this store I like to see positive rating and feedback. Please leave only constructive feedback.NEW USERSTry this application and makeup your own mind about it, don't be influenced by other opinions.
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License Free
Version 3.0.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 2.3 and up