AR Human Brain

The human brain is the command centre of the human body. It along with the spinal cord forms the central nervous system of human beings. The nervous system is the vital body system which controls and coordinates the functioning of the human body. Brain is a mass of nerve tissue at the anterior end of the human body well protected by the bony skull. The part of the skull that houses the brain is called the cranium. The brain in humans is the largest in size as compared to other vertebrates. It makes about 2% of the total weight of human body; its own weight being around only 1.5 kilograms. But its small weight should not be misunderstood for its complex nature and function. Its functions are manifold and of utmost importance. The torch bearer of the extraordinary functions of the brain is attributed to its grey matter comprising of the nerve cells or neurons and the white matter which are the nerve fibres. The nerve cells and the nerve fibres help in communicating the impulses from the sense organs to the target organs and the responses from the brain or the spinal cord. The outer surface of the brain is not smooth but is highly folded due to the presence of grooves and ridge called sulci and gyri respectively. It resembles a walnut in appearance.The largest part of the brain is occupied by the forebrain which consists of cerebrum as a major part. The cerebrum is divided into lobes; these lobes have centres for different actions and responses which help the brain in the function of control and coordination. The other parts of the brain include the midbrain and the hindbrain. The hindbrain is the part consisting of the equilibrium apparatus; the cerebellum part of the hindbrain assists in maintaining the posture and balance of the organism.Thus, the brain has a dual responsibility in coordinating the bodily functions. It does the thinking, processing, interpreting and also the maintenance of equilibrium in human beings.The app Human brain offers the augmented reality experience for the android users too through the AR Vuforia feature. The AR Vuforia enables the user to track planar image of the brain from a book or through the camera of a mobile device and position or orient the virtual 3D model of the brain on the image. The virtual brain tracks the position and orientation of the image in real time so that the user gets a blended experience of studying through the virtual model in connection to the real world image. The learning experience is greatly enhanced through this technology.
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