This app is designed for BSc level students in biochemistry. It provides a detailed overview of the glycolytic pathway shown in 3 sections:1) Reaction types in the glycolysisSee the five types of reactions in the glycolysis as animated illustrations. Play and replay aldol cleavage, isomerization, dehydration, phosphoryl shift and phosphorylation until you master the reactions.2) Substrates and products in the glycolysisGet a detailed overview of the 10 steps in the glycolytic pathway. Each step in the glycolytic pathway is visualised by interactive play and replay animations, including all substrates and products, enzymes and co-factors. The net outcome of the reactions is summarized in a table.3) Test yourselfCan you remember the glycolytic pathway? In this test you have to drag and drop each molecule in the correct order according to the glycolytic pathway. If you do it right the molecules will fit in the target area if not, they will return to their original position. Good luck!
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