Automatic Car Transmission Problem Solving

This app informs and explains in detail about automatic car transmissions and also comes with how to fix or resolve your car's automatic transmission problems. where many components are discussed related to automatic transmission. Wiring Diagrams and Trouble DiagnosisA/T FLUIDChanging A/T FluidA/T CONTROL SYSTEMCross-Sectional ViewShift MechanismTCM FunctionCAN CommunicationInput/Output Signal of TCMLine Pressure ControlShift ControlLock-up ControlEngine Brake Control (Overrun Clutch Control)Control ValveTROUBLE DIAGNOSISDTC Inspection Priority ChartFail-Safe FunctionHow To Perform Trouble Diagnoses For Quick and Accurate RepairA/T Electrical Parts LocationCircuit DiagramInspections Before Trouble DiagnosisCheck Before Engine is StartedCheck at IdleCruise TestVehicle Speed at Which Gear Shifting OccursVehicle Speed at Which Lock-up Occurs/ReleasesSymptom ChartTCM Terminals and Reference ValueCAN COMMUNICATION LINEWiring Diagram AT CANVEHICLE SPEED SENSORA/T (REVOLUTION SENSOR)Wiring Diagram AT VSSA/TVEHICLE SPEED SENSOR MTROn Board Diagnosis LogicWiring Diagram AT VSSMTRTURBINE REVOLUTION SENSORWiring Diagram AT PT/SENACCELERATOR PEDAL POSITION (APP) SENSORWiring Diagram AT TPSSHIFT SOLENOID VALVE AWiring Diagram AT SSV/ASHIFT SOLENOID VALVE BWiring Diagram AT SSV/BOVERRUN CLUTCH SOLENOID VALVEWiring Diagram AT OVRCSVTORQUE CONVERTER CLUTCH SOLENOID VALVEWiring Diagram AT TCVBATT/FLUID TEMP SEN (A/T FLUID TEMP SENSORCIRCUIT AND TCM POWER SOURCE)Wiring Diagram AT BA/FTSComponent InspectionENGINE SPEED SIGNALWiring Diagram AT ENGSSA/T 1ST GEAR FUNCTIONA/T 2ND GEAR FUNCTIONA/T 3RD GEAR FUNCTIONA/T 4TH GEAR FUNCTIONA/T TCC S/V FUNCTION (LOCK-UP)LINE PRESSURE SOLENOID VALVEWiring Diagram AT LPSVCONTROL UNIT (RAM)CONTROL UNIT (ROM)CONTROL UNIT (EEP ROM)MAIN POWER SUPPLY AND GROUND CIRCUITWiring Diagram AT MAINPARK/NEUTRAL POSITION, 3RD POSITION, THROTTLE POSITION SWITCH CIRCUITTCM Terminals and Reference ValueTROUBLE DIAGNOSIS FOR SYMPTOMSWiring Diagram AT NONDTCA/T CHECK Indicator Lamp Does Not Come OnEngine Cannot Be Started In P and N PositionIn P Position, Vehicle Moves Forward or Backward When PushedIn N Position, Vehicle MovesLarge Shock. N R PositionVehicle Does Not Creep Backward In R PositionVehicle Does Not Creep Forward in D, 3rd, 2nd or 1st PositionVehicle Cannot Be Started From D1A/T Does Not Shift: D1D2 or Does Not Kickdown: D4 D2A/T Does Not Shift: D2 D3A/T Does Not Shift: D3 D4A/T Does Not Perform Lock-upA/T Does Not Hold Lock-up ConditionLock-up Is Not ReleasedEngine Speed Does Not Return To Idle (Light Braking D4 D3 )Vehicle Does Not Start From D1A/T Does Not Shift: D433 , When Selector Lever D 3rd PositionA/T Does Not Shift: 3322 , When Selector Lever 3rd 2nd PositionA/T Does Not Shift: 2211 , When Selector Lever 2nd 1st PositionVehicle Does Not Decelerate By Engine Brake (D4 33 )Vehicle Does Not Decelerate By Engine Brake (33 22 )Vehicle Does Not Decelerate By Engine Brake (22 11 )TCM Self-diagnosis Does Not ActivateSHIFT CONTROL SYSTEMControl Device Removal and InstallationAdjustment of A/T PositionChecking of A/T PositionA/T SHIFT LOCK SYSTEMDescriptionShift Lock System Electrical Parts LocationWiring Diagram AT SHIFTShift Lock Control Unit Reference ValuesComponent InspectionON-VEHICLE SERVICEControl Valve Assembly and AccumulatorsPark/Neutral Position (PNP) SwitchDifferential Side Oil Seal ReplacementRevolution Sensor ReplacementTurbine Revolution Sensor (Power Train Revolution Sensor) ReplacementAIR BREATHER HOSERemoval and Installation (Air Breather Hose) (Oil Catch Tank)Give your assessment, is this application useful?if useful provide the best judgment for this appthank youThis application do not need internet connection (can be used offline)Free download
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