CISCO CCNA Course - CCNA Exam Guide

This unofficial CCNA course covers everything you will need to know to pass the Cisco CCNA 200-120 exam, but it also provides many information about internetworking in general. This free tutorial can be used to study for the CCNA 200-120 exam, and it can also be used by anyone who wants to learn about computer networks in general.Learn and Prepare Cisco CCNA Course Exam 200-120. Basics of Networking Cisco CCNA.You can learn the basics general networking concepts through this app and you can prepare the Cisco CCNA Exam 200-120 or 200-125 easily.You will learn what computer networks are, the difference between the OSI and TCP models, what an IP address is, how to configure an IP address on a Cisco router, etc. In later lessons we will go through topics such as routing protocols, IPv6, NAT, Spanning Tree ProtocoLIn this age of data networks and internet it is very important to have CCNA certification. One should learn to prepare for CCNA during ones free time.This app is a virtual CCNA exam guide. CCNA is a course taken to get a good job in network security. There are a lot of apps that help you learn CCNA. With our CCNA course you can easily master CCNA routing and switching. In this age of technology it is very important to learn CCNA.You can learn CCNA and the examples of CCNA are for beginners.We should learn to CCNA if we want to be good with network maintenance. You can easily learn CCNA once you start using this app. With various CCNA exam guide apps available online, you will definitely find this one to be the most apt.With the knowledge provided in this app you can easily learn to speak English.This app help you learn CCNA within a matter of days. We should learn to CCNA if we want to survive in todays world. You can easily CCNA online once you start using this app. CCNA for beginners is the main focus when we built this app.Note that this is not an official application. Cisco Systems, Inc. is in no way affiliated with the application.
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Version 1.2
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System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up