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Allah is the True Creator and by His Grace and help I put this app together to provide some guidance on how to perform Salah. Learn to perform Salah the exact way on how the Prophet (PBUH) used to pray and commended others also. "Pray as you seen me praying". Applies to men and women equally.Salah for Hard-Hearing IndividualsThe LivePray Salah mode will help the hard-hearing individual by providing visual instructions from start(Takbeer) till end of Salah(Tasleem) as if a virtual Imam is leading prayer. Once in LivePray mode, there is no further interaction with the app until the Salah is completed. Children and students can learn how to offer prayers as they learn and enjoy it on their first day of offering Salah.Standard Learning MethodDaily Salah (Namaz) is an obligation on every Muslim. EnjoySalah app is a perfect resource to learn Salah step-by-step and memorize new Suras with the help of visual instruction to learn new Suras until you have memorized it correctly.The use of visual aid and Mus-haf is permissible when there is a NEED for learning of Salah. Most Madhabs and scholar made it permissible based on the needs.Learn Occasional Prayers:The app also offers instructions for learning Occasional prayers such as Juma or Friday prayer, Taraweeh prayer, Tahajjud Prayer, Eid-ul-fitr Prayer, Eid-ul-adha prayer and Funeral (Janazah) prayer.Disclaimers:The intention for building this app is not to create any type of innovations in Salah. I am not a Scholar and I do not represent any group or party. I have done my own research on the subject of Salah and I have gotten approval of this app from Muslim scholars with PhD in Islamic studies. For decades, I have been struggling to memorize new Suras and its meaning, very often I tend to forget the meaning of Suras and lose concentration in my Salah. This is another reason I made this app so that I could help myself memorize new Suras and focus on my Salah more better.The Quran recitations are by brother Sheikh Mishary Alafasy, some duas are by brother Saad Al Qureshi and bro. Hamza and others. May Allah reward all the brothers who contributed to the building and design of this app. Ameen.We can always improve this app further, please email me at EnjoySalah@gmail.com
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License Free
Version 1.6
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.