GLICODE TM turns every packet of Pocky into a bite-sized coding lesson. By laying out Pocky in the right order, you can use Japans (and the world's) favourite snacks to learn algorithmic thinking in a fun and engaging way.Take control of Glico's mascot HUG HUG as he makes his way around an imaginary world, trying to spread happiness. You will need to learn different coding functions to help him navigate a range of levels so he can make his way to a child in need of a smile.[WHAT YOU CAN LEARN]By arranging Pocky in different sequences you can learn three basic coding fundamentals:SEQUENCESLOOPS'IF' STATEMENTS[EQUIPMENT REQUIRED]1. "GLICODE" AppDownload the "GLICODE" app from App Store.2. SnacksAll you need to play "GLICODE" is a regular packet of Chocolate Pocky.As the levels progress they will become harder to test you on what you've learnt. Remember to save a few extra Pocky for the difficult levels - you'll need them!3. PlacematFor the best results make sure the snacks are placed on a plain white background.Use a white placemat, paper or plate to lay your snacks out on.[INSTRUCTIONS]1. Line up your snacks.Remember not to place them too close together.2. Capture.Use your phones camera to take a picture of your snack sequence from above.3. Test your sequence.Hit the play button to see your code executed as HUG HUG moves through the course.4. Eat your delicious code.If you pass the level you can eat your delicious code and get ready for the next challenge.*Be mindful of hygiene - we recommend you wash your hands before playing with your snacks.*Please make sure your white placemat is clean.[Adopted by school lesson program with MIC!]In Japan "GLICODE" was adopted by "Popularization of Programming education for young segment" program supported by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in 2016. Elementary school teachers are using this app as a tool in the classroom to teach the basics of programming to early elementary school kids.GLICODE TM is a free educational app that teaches children about the principles of coding - with Pocky!GLICODE TM is a trademark of the programming education app by Ezaki Glico.
License Free
Version 2.1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.