Kazimir Malevich: The Black Square

KAZIMIR MALEVICH THE BLACK SQUARE> Idea and ContentCamera-App: creativ photography with modifiable black square (snapshot) with an integrated image-portal community. Create modern selfies.Book written by Jeannot Simmen The black square of Kasimir Malevich. One picture monography The Icon of ModernityThe work and life of Kasimir Malevich, the background and epochal impact of the black square which was exhibited in 1915.> How to Use the Malevich Camera-App1. Choose your favorite motif with your camera2. Scale and select a position of the black square3. Take a photo, snapshot.4. User name and password title, place, description as option.5. Save and share.> Malevich Camera-App Suprematistic ArtCreate your own photography with a black square utilityDiscover a new reality: get rid of the objective ballast in your picture and open your eyes! Be a pioneer of antiselfie-culture!Make your own abstract landmarks, take an alternativ picture to the Selfie-exposers. Define a next level of photography with nothingness of black square. Use your iPhone or iPad as an Artistic Studio!> Contents of the App: Monography The Black Square, Texts, SynopseMalevich Camera with individual adjustment options.Growing Photo Collection (snapshot).Picture monography: Kazimir Malvich, The Black Square. From Anti-Picture to Icon of Modernity in German and in English Author Jeannot Simmen.The book can be downloaded as an In App Purchase.The relevance of the Black Square, texts by Jeannot Simmen.Synopsis of the Black Square (pre- and posthistory).The effect of the Black Square from 1915 on art and artists, including Camera app to make your own picture after 100 years.> History: The Century Picture for Artworld and Artists.Jubilee: 100 years of Black Square and 100 years Non-Objective Art.December 1915 Kasimir Malevich reported: Art criticism sighed, everything we have loved is lost. We are in a desert ... Before us is nothing but a Black Square on a white background.The Black Square frees the art. Images are no longer a representation of the world or an expression of psychological mood.
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Version 1.3
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.