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Hello Chemistry Student!Meet ChemistryMaster, the app that allows you to study Chemistry quickly and easily."ChemistryMaster - Basic Chemistry" is simple and intuitive."ChemistryMaster - Basic Chemistry" will help you in the study, sometimes insidious, of Chemistry and will make you passionate about the subject.Here are the topics covered:The Matter:- The Atom- Atomic and Mass Number- Periodic Table of Elements- The orbital and quantum numbers- IonsChemical Ties:- The Molecule- Chemical Bond- Covalent Bond- Dative Bond- Ionic Bond- Metallic Bond- Secondary or Weak BondsChemical Compounds:- The scale of acidity, pH- Oxidation number and valence- Basic oxides and acids- Hydroxides- Acids- Hydracids- Get on- PeroxidesRead about Chemistry:- Chemical Reactions- La Mole- Atomic Mass Units- Atomic and Molecular Mass, Atomic and Molecular Weight- Mass conservation law or Lavoiser's law- Law of Defined Proportion or Proust Law- Law of Multiple Proportions or Dalton's LawThe States of Matter:- Introduction- Aeriform state- Liquid Status- Solid State- State changes- Ideal gas laws- Boyle's Law- Charles' law or Gay-Lussac's first law- Gay-Lussac's Second Law- Law of Avogadro- Real gas lawIf you want to propose improvements and implementations send me an email to:
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Version 2.0
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System Requirements Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.