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Morse Code Tutorial App from RushHour Labs is the simplest & easiest standalone App for Morse code education & tutorial using both light & sound. Learn Morse Code for alphabets, numbers and the required special characters. Learn all the morse code and have fun knowing all the translations like a professional.On May 24, 1844, Morse sent Vail the historic first message, What hath God wrought! The telegraph system subsequently spread across America and the world, aided by further innovations thus it improved to the modern Morse Code Tutorial AppEasy to access the menu with upcoming Tutorial in the future updates. The App gives access to the converter. In this Morse Code Learning App just type in your message to get the respective Morse code or enter the Morse code to decode the message.Toggle between these options with the switch button in this morse code learning app and Play the decoded Morse code using the play button, the code will be played in sound or light as your preference.The only Morse Code application you will ever require. The app for everyone including seafarers brought to you by RushHour Labs. The translations can be extremely fun and you can use it with your friends or at class projects.Learn How To Read & Send Morse Code Today Easily With Light & Sound. Just Type In Your Code & Hit Play.Features:Real-time translationChoice of sound or light as codeShare results with other applicationsTranslate Morse to text and vice-versaUses the International Morse Code standardYou can use the flashlight to transmit Morse CodeYou can copy your results and paste anything as inputStart your Morse code lessons as a beginners and with our tutorial become a expert in it. With Light and sound you can learn how to easily communicate with your friend or loved ones in secret. Send and important message or love message to your beloved without even knowing.Easy to access with Tutorial for the app. The menu also gives you access to the converter. Just type in your message to get the respective Morse code or enter the Morse code to decode the message.Toggle between these options with the switch button and Play the decoded Morse code using the play button.You can easily make a Morse code and send it to your friends and family or receive one via both sound and light signals. Its easy and fun and real handy when you need to communicate with someone secretlyLearn how to send and receive Morse code through our app very easily. This is one of those things you need to know when there is a power outage or want to send your special friend a secret message. Initially it was used by soldiers during war but now it can be a great way to communicate between individual friends or loved birds who wants to secretly communicate.This morse code tutorial is going to be very basic for you. That's why its perfect for both beginners, intermediates and professionals. The flashlight tool will immensely help anyone. The morse code trainer is going to be both fun and productive at the same time.The translator alongside of the flashlight helps you learn morse code easily with both light and sound. The tutorials and decoders are one of a kind and will help you with all the tools. You will learn how to use morse code just like a professional. This morse code learning app is one of a kind and we can truthfully say that this will be actually helpful for you to learn all the basics.Lastly, Have Fun Everyone. CheersBest Morse Code Of This Year From Rushhour Labs
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